TEDIKUMAAKA Theodore Taylor III: Illustrator, Designer, Music Snob, Video Game Hoarder and Pizza Connoisseur. This blog is for sharing my work as well as things that I love.

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Viewing: sketchbook
Draft of a little zine I’m putting together ahead of Small Press Expo. Angry thugs!
From my sketchbook. I think I’m onto something here…
Soey Milk

My sketchbook can be a weird, messy, scribbly place. But it’s fun. Been totally loving working with this ArtGraf carbon block—it’s like sumi ink but with pencil! Super fun. Really got to bust out the paints more though…
Flickr: Work The Angle
BOOOOOOM!: Sam Vanallemeersch
DevianART: =MattiasA
Flickr: Vikki Chu
VCU classmate.