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One of BTS’ closet affiliates and most frequent guest, we present a brand new mix from the west coast legend, Kan Kick. Kan Zulu’s Belt Drive & Beats Band features lots of rare groove, soul, jazz, reggae and 18 new beats for good measure. Click here to download.
Ginz - "Chrome"
First listen on what I’ve dubbed “Hip-Hop Album Day”.

(click the pic to download)

so, here it is family.

my new mixtape xtra small

i hope yall enjoy it. :)
- greg enemy
Tedikuma - "CoverCast #8: Light The Way"
Stones Throw: Podcast 66: Flying Lotus
I haven’t listened to this yet… But I already know it’s awesome.
Elzhi - "The World Is Yours (Represent Intro)"
Paul White - "City Bright Lights"
Lorn - "Exile"
Exile - "Dawn of Nothing"

One of BTS’ closet affiliates and most frequent  guest, here’s another Kan Kick guest mix from the archive dating back to  2006. A very small showcase of Kan Kick’s vinyl collection, this is for  the rare groove, soul and jazz heads. To download, visit www.btsradio.com

A precursor to his upcoming DJ dates in Japan and South Korea, we’re happy to bring you Eric Lau’s “2011 Asia Tour Mix”. This guest mix is co-presented by our good friends at Jazzy Sport. To download, visit www.btsradio.com
Download: Potholes Podcast - January 2011
A new Potholes Podcast, with a quick cover put together by me and an artist that is no longer alive.
Shlohmo - "Pretty Boy Swag (Soulja Boy)"
ISO50: ISO50 Presents Dry Waves