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Not my favorite piece this week, but it was good practice! For Sketch Dailies…

B-Ball Tragedy - Molly Mendoza
Hi-Fructose: Chen Dao Lee’s Twisted Paintings of Fiery-Haired Vixens

My Sketch Dailies entry for yesterday. The Bat! Time-lapse on YouTube. YouTube.

Something new and small.
Did a quick drawing of my wife Sarah last night. She’s a french bulldog fan.

'It never occurred to him that what he considered unreal was in fact his real life

Otro diseño de personaje para mi Fight Club particular.

Here’s the second environment for “Dragonfly Holiday.”
She’ll be coming round  the mountain when she comes…
The Fox Is Black: Frenetic, Abstract Artworks by Chyrum Lambert
I created another Sketch Dailies piece, this time for the theme “Invaders from Mars”. You can watch a time-lapse of the process on YouTube.