TEDIKUMAAKA Theodore Taylor III: Illustrator, Designer, Music Snob, Video Game Hoarder and Pizza Connoisseur. This blog is for sharing my work as well as things that I love.

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Juxtapoz: Herbert Baglione: “1000 Shadows” in Niort, France
My current mood.
Mason Lindroth
Valentine Gallardo
Nicolas Menard
I want a video game that looks like this.

pilot on a lunch break. 

coloring all of these pages are on a special to do list
Ape On The Moon: Jackkrit Anantakul Brings Us Humour and Punchy Design from Bangkok
I animated an angry faced dude this morning. I think I’m just going to draw angry dudes from now on.
BOOOOOOOM!: Levi Jacobs