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Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Print one of them? No… Print all of them. What I’m saying is I want all of them.

14 rough ideas for SEGA t-shirts, done as an exercise. Maybe I can convince Fangamer to print one of these if people dig ‘em…
Also, bonus points if you can name all of them despite my messy doodles :)
One more. Time for bed.
Another one, with ink.
Playing around.
Wasn’t familiar with Mickey Zacchilli until I picked up RAV which I’m about halfway through. I’m a fan.

I wanted to be with you aloneand talk about the weather

Two weeks from now! 
(Here’s the facebook event for the launch party.)
I picked up multiple Sam Alden comics at SPX. Looking forward to reading through them all.gingerlandcomics:

unused page from Wicked Chicken Queen
Spotted this at SPX and thought it was extremely dope.shantisart:

Frog and Rabbit Dancers (personal piece) 
Much of this was inspired by a fusion of masks, asian culture & street dancing. The bunny’s mostly punk, but the frog is based loosely on a Balinese frog dancer.