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When I was in 4th grade I used to doodle isometric block worlds with little stick people in them. I love the look of isometric stuff so I thought I’d make something like that again.
Hope you like it! You can buy a prints too! 

so basically, owen’s killin it

A straight on shot of the worlds largest GIF-ITI ever…..

Painted by INSA x MADSTEEZ
Taiwan 2014

New Illustration, Thundercat inspired :)

Adrian Bloch

Basketball boy & girl


hey! it’s my atl cover for Jake's comic Teen Dog
ideal teen life 

Kris did such a good job on this cover for Teen Dog #2!!!!!!!!! I yelled when i saw it.

I have not painted in a long while and when I paint I tend to use the most obnoxious colors. I am happy with how this came out though. I have been on quite the raw fish kick so I definitely had seafood on the brain when I made this illustration. I got to eat a bunch of Sake Nigiri today so I hope that curbed my appetite for a little while.
Molly Mendoza

Day 173Toni
A new piece for a show at Hole In The Sky. I made a time-lapse video of the process which you can see on YouTube.

Tel Aviv had its first ever Illustration Week this year! This is a collaborative illustration I made with former teacher & mentor Asaf Hanuka, for an exhibit called “Illustrators Illustrating Illustrators.” That’s me on the left with the fabulous ‘do. Check out his mega-great comic The Realist here.
The Fox Is Black: Rovina Cai Wonderfully Illustrates Fantastic Creatures and Worlds

persimmon boy